Artwork Statement: The status of Indian women has been a constant subject and scrutiny of many societal stigmas over decades. Even until today, they continue to face numerous injustice such as gender inequality, body shaming, sexual assault, dowry, etc. These discriminations imposed unto the female& body, mind, heart, and soul are not only subjected from their family but also the society at large.

My artwork shines to the dark side of such Indian women, about their true untold stories. How they had grown and alone have conquered their anxieties and fears while pretending that they are okay by wearing a smile over their face. Showing her calmness in all senses and deciding not to bloom from inside and express her feelings. All for her family’s sake and happiness. I have tried to visualize the above by using the broken strokes, vigorous texture, birdcage, and red bindi, as a symbol of awakening her hope and inner wisdom.