a tale of two worlds

A Tale of Two Worlds, 2019. Oil on Canvas, 61x 92 cm each.

My artwork experiencing the foreign impulses which are central to Nanyang nostalgia for me. I get to extract the wide range of contrast of Singapore in the past 50 years. My idea of Nanyang is the visual discovery on the growth nostalgia here I choose to appropriate my Indian imaginations and infuse them together into my art. So my work is the composite of these two worlds and traditions is what makes them insightful narrative.

In order to remix these elements, I have juxtaposed the certain characters from the Impressionist era in few freeform styles, abstract and collaged non-realism to show the fragments of ever-changing Singapore’s landscapes much like memories and experiences. What holds them together are my Indian roots and cultural imagination of Lord Vishnu as a KRISHNA ” here who is the major deity in “Hindu Mythology” hence the symbolism is used to weave through the canvas as well as appropriating the styles of Indian artists who paint Tableau style.

With this, I hope the painting evokes the dynamic quality of the Nanyang era that how the nostalgia of a vanished Singapore has been beautiful and lively at experiencing the urban age. Where the artist form styles are based on their ways of experiencing foreign and the familiar.